Axis Lanka is a dynamic, compassionate team of creative designers, developers and researchers who strive to change the world with our on hand creativity. We empower people to place the concept in forefront and hunt for the passionate designs amalgamating the customer-centric principles.

We’re not just conventional Software Company. We’re not just Technical or developers boiling eggs. We’re a professional team of innovative whizzes who believe that craft matters to propagate businesses!

We are so curious to implement innovative product as customer needs and we always looking a new aspect of world to solve problem. Therefore we are specialized in cloud base software solutions, web service base system, mobile application development, motion and 3D Animation and Automation systems.

Founded in 2011 as a virtual company, we have now expanded our physical operations with a professional team continuously strengthening our client base adhering to the quality standards. With more than a half a decade’s worth of deliberate hard work under our belt, our experience as a team is unmatched.

We make things happen through a seamless culture and following best practices. We’re passionate about what we do and we want to let everyone get a glimpse of what makes Axis is a great place to work.




“Help our customers business grow by leaps and bounds by the services provided by Axis Lanka.
To help consumer enjoy life, or offer an affordable solution to grow business.
We will grab in feasible implementation and forecast the needs of our customers.”


“Isn’t it amazing how a single droplet of water can stir a large pool of water and create waves that move rapidly in all directions till they reach the edges?
That’s our goal at Axis Lanka. In the information age, we aim to help you create an impact with your web presence, to create an impression with your website, to create waves in your industry among st your target audience.”